About Diakonia Asia

In Asia, Diakonia co-operates with partner organizations in Bangladesh, Myanmar/Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The common goal for our work is to fight against poverty, strengthen the gender equality and be a part of processes where the most vulnerable and exposed people have the opportunity to conquer a just life in dignity.  Some of our partners also work with questions related to ethnic conflicts. This work is mainly being carried out in Myanmar/Burma and Sri Lanka, but also in Cambodia.

In Thailand, Diakonia provides humanitarian aid to Burmese refugees.

The main themes for all Diakonia’s international development work are present in all our efforts:

  • Democratisation
  • Human rights
  • Social and economic justice
  • Gender equality
  • Peace and reconciliation

Diakonia’s work in Asia is coordinated from the regional office in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Country offices are located in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar/Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand.