Autocorrect helped fundraising to mother in Zambia

Ooops: Big Brother votes turned into charity donations

Autocorrect turned Big Brother votes into 5,000 USD in donations to mothers in Zambia

Many of us know the frustrations with the mobile phone autocorrect.

Give turns quickly into HIV, roll into toll, and invite to ignite. The internet is full of examples.

In Denmark NIR is apparently changed to MOR (mother in Danish)

Last weekend the final round in Big Brother in Denmark was all set and the viewers were about to vote for their favourite by sending text messages. But for 180 fans of the 29 year old reality star Nirvana the cost was slightly higher than expected, as the usual one dollar fee for a vote changed into a 30 USD donation to a campaign for women and children in Zambia due to the autocorrect interference.

The viral story triggered more donations

DanChurchAid posted the story on their website and on facebook and in a few hours the story went viral in Denmark. Close to one million have now seen the story on facebook and both web and print media has covered the story. Last night it was even in the late night news. Print media in neighbouring countries Norway and Sweden has published the story as well.

DanChurchAid has offered to send the money back but so far only 40 of the unlucky Big Brother fans have claimed the involuntary donation back. But due to the viral effect another 40 have willingly donated to MOR the last 24 hours.

On top of that SBS, the production company behind the Danish version of Big Brother, has now donated an additional 30,000 USD anticipating all 180 should claim their donations back.

DanChurchAid launched the mother-campaign back in February. By sending a text message ‘MOR’ a donation was transferred to the work with women and children in Zambia.

The campaign is still active.

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