Barenda village in Bangladesh is an important conservation site

Stepping into a village under the wide spread green canopy of trees after walking a few kilometers through the luster of green rice fields, any one will hear the noise of thousands of birds flapping their wings on their ascent into the air. Living in harmony with nature has always been an integral part of the culture […]

Restoring the Dignity of Women Survivors of Violence

“You never know how strong you are… until being strong is the only choice you have.”― Cayla Mills Like many young girls, Surangi* was optimistic about the future. She dreamt of starting a family with a husband who would love her, respect her and protect her. When she fell in love and married Prasanna*, she […]

Bridge of Life

Sum Khai village in the township of Thenni in northern Myanmar, has only 26 households occupied by 117 ethnic Shan who mainly speak the local language. Less than ten people can speak Burmese, which is the official language for public administration. Other than participating in religious events and ceremonies with Buddhist neighboring villages, Sum Khai […]

Strengthen Press Freedom to Promote Independent Media

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – To celebrate the World Press Freedom Day, Diakonia partner Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) joined hands with Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT) and other CSOs to organize a forum on “Independent and Professional Media in Cambodia” on 30 April 2015. The forum aims at […]

Climate Change: No, everything is not lost. Let’s put public pressure

Esther Flores Sedman is Diakonia’s Media Officer in Sweden. She visited Bangladesh to meet women in communities affected by the impacts of climate change. Here is her account in English. The original article appears in the Swedish blog Rashida Khatun from Bangladesh lost her entire family in the cyclone Aila in 2009. She is already […]

A tight contest: Presidential Election in Sri Lanka

On 8th of January 2015, Sri Lanka is facing its 7th presidential election, which is seen as the closest and tightest presidential contest in the election history of the country.  The election has been called two years ahead of schedule. The incumbent president Mr. Mahinda Rajapksha  is contesting from the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA)  and […]

Karen villagers to take on mega dam project

Mae Kaw is an ethnic Karen village situated in the Mae Cham watershed area of Chiang Mai province.  It is one of the six villages where the Micro Economic Development Foundation’s Community Sustainable Programme (CSP) works, and one of the most successful due to the fact that the community members are strongly united. The CSP […]

Children’s Day in drought ridden Unagollawa

It takes three hours’ drive to reach the town of Kekirawa, but seeing the beaming faces of a hundred children can take away any tiredness as visitors from Women’s Development Center (WDC), Rajarata Women’s Development Forum (RWDF) and Diakonia Sri Lanka found out. It is Children’s Day for students of Unagollawa, organised by WDC and […]

Nature Lover Group: taking up environmental awareness

Following environmental awareness training by Kalyana Mitta Foundation in 2010 four brave young women formed the Nature Lover group in November 2011. It has since become one of the biggest nationwide environmental networks in Myanmar. One founding member, Nan Thet Thet Htun reflected that after the training she really changed her way of thinking in […]

Cambodians march on World Habitat Day

On 6 October 2014, Approximately 1,500 community people and CSOs/NGOs, came together at the site of the former Dey Krahorm neighborhood in Chamkar Mon district, where one of the most violent evictions in Phnom Penh’s recent history took place in 2009, to celebrate the 29th World Habitat Day under the chosen theme of “Voice from […]