How we work

Diakonia supports and cooperates with local partner organizations. The support is often institutional,  a core funding based on our theory of change and a rights based approach.

The expression “long-term commitment” may be the most important when describing how Diakonia works. We and the change makers in our global network know that it is possible to change the world. But we also know that it takes time and demands stubbornness and persistence. The partners we cooperate with normally receive our support for several years.

People changing the world” is our motto. People who are oppressed and live in poverty  are rights holders. With some support from Diakonia and our partners, they are most capable to find ways out of poverty and suffering. They are courageous and competent people who transfer their anger over injustices into a driving force for change. They know what needs to be changed and how it can be done. Diakonia’s task is to help them reach their goals.

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Diakonia is a member of HAP International and ACT Alliance.