New group highlights Diakonia’s Socio-Economic Justice work

SEJ Group at Head Office  2015

SEJ Group at Head Office 2015

The first global meeting on the theme Socio-Economic Justice (SEJ) brought together representatives from Africa (Andreas Ulfsax), Asia (Niza Concepcion) and Latin America (Lina Erazo), to discuss the vision and objectives, targets and workplan of Diakonia in its SEJ work. Members from head office in Stockholm include Domingo Torres Santos (International department advisor on grant management and resource mobilisation), Asa Beckius (Policy Advisor on Private Sector), Penny Davies (Policy Advisor for Development Financing), Petter Lyden (Policy Advisor on Climate Change), Mina Jhowry (Advisor on Disaster Risk Reduction) as well as resource persons from the advocacy department. The meeting took place from January 10 until 18 in the main office in Stockholm. Inspirational breakfasts introduced to new resource speakers from an investment advising services company, FIAN Sweden, and the IRM business planning consultancy.

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